New Name, Same Mission:

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We are thrilled to announce the arrival of AllPaths Family Building, the new face of Resolve New England! AllPaths Family Building is not just a new name, but also a fresh identity and renewed commitment to inclusivity.

For the past 50 years, Resolve New England has been a steadfast support system, trusted resource, and advocacy partner for ALL people navigating the challenges of fertility and family building, including those diagnosed with infertility, LGBTQ+ couples, those seeking single parenthood by choice, those whose journey does not end with parenthood, and more. Now, as AllPaths Family Building, our mission becomes even clearer and more powerful.

This transformation reflects our organization’s unwavering dedication to ensuring that nobody walks alone on their journey.


AllPaths Family Building firmly believes in celebrating the diverse paths that people take to try to grow their families and in removing barriers to accessing these paths, and in creating community that is open to everyone. We are here to provide guidance and support every step of the way.

As an independent, New England based nonprofit with a regional focus, AllPaths Family Building is uniquely positioned to cater to the specific needs of families in the area, while also welcoming those outside of New England to participate in our programming. Our experienced, united team is ready to usher in this new era of family building, where inclusivity and emotional support are at the forefront.

But we can’t do it alone! Help spread the word about the resources that AllPaths Family Building offers by sharing this exciting news far and wide. Please send it to friends, family, and anyone who might benefit from our services.

Join us on this transformative journey, and let’s celebrate the infinite possibilities of family building together. The future is bright and full of hope. AllPaths Family Building is here to guide and uplift every remarkable family building story.

We are ever grateful for our community. Together, we can make sure that no matter how difficult the path gets, no one is ever alone on their journey.


Why did you decide to rebrand?

This dynamic name change echoes our organization’s continued commitment to inclusivity and unwavering dedication to honoring all aspects of family building.  

Crucially, this exciting transition is underlined by a clear message: we are here to support ALL people, no matter what twists and turns your family building journey takes.

What does the new name represent?

The new name represents the celebration of all the diverse paths and potential destinations of family building. It embodies our organization’s unwavering dedication to building a community that is open to everyone that is trying to achieve their dream of growing their family.

Why now?

In the lead up to our 50th anniversary in 2024, we embarked on a strategic planning process, which helped us to take a step back and reflect on our core values, core beliefs, achievements, and aspirations – while setting a new path moving forward. This process reaffirmed our commitment to inclusivity and support for all paths to family building, so we chose to rebrand to ensure that our identity reflected this commitment.

Will your services change?

No, the services provided will remain the same: psychosocial support, resources, and advocacy that are critical to those trying to grow their families. Though we do look forward to adding some exciting new programming in the near future.

How will this affect community members?

Community members will continue to receive the same high compassion support and services they have come to expect, now offered under the AllPaths name instead of RNE. 

Is the organization under the same leadership?

Yes, the organization remains under the same leadership, ensuring a smooth transition and continuity in delivering exceptional support.

Will the organization’s contact information change?

The organization’s physical address and phone number will remain the same, while all email addresses will now end with Any communications sent to an email address will be automatically forwarded to ensure that nothing gets lost during this transition. 

Social media channels will also get updates to reflect the new name as well.

Are there any events or launches related to the rebrand?

Yes, we’ll be celebrating our 50th anniversary and exciting new name across New England this year, culminating in Massachusetts with our 10th annual Walk on Oct. 6, 2024!

How can members of our community provide feedback or ask further questions?

All are welcome to provide feedback or ask questions by reaching out directly to AllPaths Family Building through our existing contact channels. We are always available to listen and assist!

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